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Monday, September 27, 2010

People Who Care

They make such a difference in our lives...peace to all...John :-)

I was a little down
I was feeling despair
I was wearing a frown
seemed like nobody cared

my daughters weren't calling
my friends did not write
seems that all had forgot me
there was no hope in sight

I was lost and alone
I felt so out a place
when a trip to my mailbox
put a smile on my face!

was a letter awaiting
from Columbia Gas
just a friendly reminder
my bill's due date had passed!

and a letter from Cap One
sent from a place afar
I'm 3 payments behind
they'll be taking my car

Universal Water
the source of my showers
demanded a payment
within twenty four hours

Now I'm feeling much better
I was so wrong, you see
there are lotsa fine people
who care much about me!

yes what they say is true
feeling lonely and ill?
think that nobody cares?
try not paying your bills!